About ME

Mragendra Singh is a self-taught award winning writer/director who just wrapped principal photography of his first feature film Normal. His script, Runaway Dreamer, was a finalist in the Sundance International Screenwriters Lab. His short film, Blind Date, made the rounds in the festival circuit garnering awards and nominations. His topical films, The Report and SAFE got him recognition and awards. The Report received First Place in the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge and SAFE got 2nd Runner Up and the People’s Choice Award at the 48hour Film Project with the privilege of being screened at the DGA. Mragendra’s short,Video Date, got him into the TOP 200 directors for Project Green Light, and his short, Trunk, was bought by Shorts HD after running a successful festival round. He is also a Reykjavik Transatlantic Talent Lab 2017 fellow.

Mragendra Singh on the panel at Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge 2016.



Mragendra was born and raised in India and has lived in the United States for the last ten years. He loves a great story and believes visual storytelling has the power to break international borders, as well as cultural and linguistic boundaries and prejudicial barriers. Mragendra is a prolific writer-director with a true passion for story telling and has a voice that is very aesthetically rich in taste.

Mragendra is currently in the midst of post-production for Normal

When Mragendra is not working he likes to watch movies, read books, sketch, design movie posters and edit video projects. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and filmmaking partner Caitlin Kelly Singh.