A Path Less Trodden

A path less trodden guarantees to take one to a destination that has never been destined before with the promise of a journey filled with unexpected hinderances, serendipitous outcome and a whole lot of experiences along the way. That is exactly why I'm starting this blog with the conviction to document my journey on this path of being a story teller.
I will share the little feats, and defeats, lessons learnt or unlearnt, good and bad decisions. I am hoping to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for my future self and other filmmakers who might run into similar situations.
My first series of blogs will be about my experience shooting a three minute short on an iPhone 6s. Oddly enough, I hit wall a few times during the production and post-production, and strangely there was not much on the interwebs about it.  Hence gives me a reason to jot it all down in the cyberverse for generations to reap the benefits of my struggle.
On that note, I sign off leaving y'all with a portrait of mine!

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