Cause and Effect

On a recommendation in lieu of quenching my insatiable thirst to learn more and be a great story teller. I picked up Poetics by Aristotle.  I highly recommend to read it outside the curriculum requirements for one and only one reason. that is when you are reading for fun you will learn more than when you are reading as a compulsion.  

Okay now a disclaimers here, and that is Aristotle was not politically correct as per the moderns standards but I still think there is a lot to be learned from him. 

Cause and Effect is something he spoke of, which did not cover much ground there but I think it is something we need to focus more on as writers.  Now my biggest issue with today's story telling is most of it is formulaic and I don't have problem  if it is that way but it should not feel forced. What happens mostly people find the plot points and just do everything in the capacity to stick to them. As a result the story sort of looses it's charm.  Now how to fix that issue, it simple make every plot point organic. Simpler said then done. 

Here is a little exercise that could help to get to the plot point organically and that is cause and effect.  Now this is not a trick, but it will require a lot of work.  Now, go back in the history of the characters who are on the crossroads and ask them what events they have lived through that have shaped their psyche and based on that ask yourself is it justifiable to have this character go through with the decision he or she suppose to make at a specific plot point.   Behind every action there is always a reason, even people who snapped they have their reason. Even a crazy person have their reasons.


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